“SINE was, at the time, one of the first academic initiatives of its kind and has contributed the most significant portion of learnings around commercialization of technology from within academic institutions in India. In this process it has become the model of technology incubators in colleges around India. Seclore is the second company where I have been a part of, started within SINE and I can say that it would not have happened without SINE.”
Vishal Gupta
Herald Logic
“Herald Logic took birth in the year 2000 in a small room in the Physics Dept of IIT-B amidst the euphoria of the Dot Com era and pre-SINE days. We started life in IIT Bombay’s virtual technology incubator with an idea and a dream. The idea was to help businesses find actionable information in the sea of data that floods an enterprise and the dream was to build a world class software technology company. That dream is still alive and kicking, although it has taken many shapes and forms that we had not even envisaged in our early days. We graduated from the incubator in 2003-04, when we acquired our first real paying client – a hedge fund in the US! Even after 16 years, our initial years in the incubator within the IIT-B campus are unforgettable. We were a startup, being incubated by a startup incubator! We were one of the half a dozen pre-beta clients of SINE! SINE was formally born in the year we left the incubator. I congratulate SINE on its wonderfully fulfilling 12 year journey. Their mission to make the dreams of passionate visionary entrepreneurs a reality, is integral to the #StartUpIndia movement!”
Dr Ram Ramdas
SensiBol Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd
“To say that SINE has played a vital role in SensiBol’s story would be a massive understatement. Right from the start, the support and encouragement from the SINE family has helped provide the foundation on which we can build a real company with calm confidence. Heartfelt congratulations to SINE on completing 12 years!”
Dr Vishweshwara Rao
Beans and Intellect
“A great way to learn well is to experiment with ideas, themes, recipes, and life in general. Experimentation is also fun – putting things to work, building new stuff, creating products & companies, learning, unlearning, failing and succeeding. SINE is the best place in India to do all these and more.
A decade back, SINE gave me an opportunity that single handedly changed what I would do in the years to come. To me, SINE and Ecell – IIT Bombay has been the focal point of entrepreneurship in India, and continues to be be so.
When they write about pioneer Indian organisations in the field of entrepreneurship, these two bodies will find its place right at the top.
Grateful and proud to have been part of this wonderful organisation.”
Anshuman Verma
Atomberg Technologies Pvt. Ltd
“It was a wonderful experience working with sine. Sine has been always supportive and very patience. During our pre incubation period, we missed almost every milestone but sine has shown their beliefs in us. They also connected us with a couple of potential investors and potential partners for synergy. Overall, we had a very good experience and I think sine is playing a significant role in promoting entrepreneurship.”
Manoj Meena and Shibam Das
Lucideus Technologies Pvt. Ltd
“My work allows me to travel the world and hence I have seen multiple incubators around the globe. I can say for certain that SINE stands out, globally, in many ways. The support we have got from the team, especially Atrey Sir, Poyni Ma’am and Krishnaveni Ma’am cannot be put into words. We will forever remain thankful to SINE.”
Saket Modi
NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd
“We are in the incubator for last 5 years and are completely mesmerized by the energy level at SINE. SINE has not just provided us with space but also encouragement, connectivity, linkages to leading figures in the field of business and technology. I dont think we would be able to achieve things at a level which we have achieved by being in SINE. The whole atmosphere of cross industry interactions with various companies in SINE is amazing and has provided us with a wider perspective on things. I would also like to thank the whole management and staff of SINE for being so understanding and encouraging to us over these years.”
Kapil Bardeja
“From connections to friends, founders, mentors, advisors, investors and employees to invaluable advice from the partners, that we have gained through our association with SINE was the most critical decision we made at mySetu. It has provided us with incredible advice, support, and introduction over the last 3 years and have been instrumental in the success mySetu has had to date.
Wishing you many more such milestone to achieve in years to come.”
Amit Patel
Zeus Numerix
“Zeus was first incubatee in SINE, the numero-uno incubator in India. SINE is not about bricks and mortar, it is complete package from technical and legal help upto getting investors, all done very sympathetically. We graduated 8 years back but SINE still promotes us at various forums.”
Abhishek Jain
“SINE is one of the finest managed incubator in the world. Focus is on building fundamental of business rather than fund raising. This is extremely essential for any entrepreneur.”
Tarun Mishra
A3 Remote Monitoring Technologies Private Limited“SINE has been instrumental in A3′s graduation process by contributing in critical areas like fund raising, giving national visibility, branding, introductions to alliance partners, providing infrastructure and so on. A startup can not ask for more.”
Dr.Shrikant Parikh